Audio Visual Services 

Audio Visual Packages

Projector Package includes:
5100 lumen projector, cart, power ceiling screen, vga cable


Data Support Package includes:
Cart, power, ceiling screen, tech support staff


Wedding Audio Package includes:
2 speakers, 2 wireless lavs, mixer, tech​


LED Uplight Package includes:
9 led lights, various colors available

Video Equipment

Barco Click Share w/ 8 USB Pucks
Barco Presentation Switcher w/ logo store, 8 inputs
BlackMagic Design Video Switcher
Sony 5100 Lumen HD Projector
NEC 7500 Lumen HD Projector
Extron VGA switcher w/ 2 inputs
Elmo Overhead Document Camera 
BluRay Player
DVD Player
VHS Player
29” Vizio LED TV/Confidence Monitor
42” Samsung LCD TV/Confidence Monitor
55” LG LED TV/Confidence Monitor
65” Samsung LED TV/Confidence Monitor
80” Sharp LED TV/Confidence Monitor


VGA Distribution Amplifier 4x1 
VGA Distribution Amplifier 8x1 
HDMI Distribution Amplifier 4x1
Ipad Presentation Timer w/ 29” monitor
Apple Ipad Video Adapter
Apple Macbook Video Adapter
Video Convertor (IE: VGA to HDMI)
Windows Laptop 
Sony HD Video Camera (Includes SD Card and Tripod)
6’x 8’ Fast Fold Projection Screen 4:3 (Front or Rear Projection)
9’x 12’ Fast Fold Projection Screen 4:3 (Front or Rear Projection) 
10’x 14’ Fast Fold Projection Screen 4:3 (Front or Rear Projection) 
17’x 10’ Fast Fold Projection Screen 16:9 (Front or Rear Projection) 
7’5”x 10’ Fast Fold Projection Screen 16:9 (Front or Rear Projection) 
Video Cables (VGA, HDMI, Etc.)


Audio Equipment

Shure Podium Microphone
Shure Wireless Microphone (lavalier or Hand Held)
Shure Wired Microphone (includes stand: table top or standing)
Catchbox Wireless Throwable Microphone
Shure Wireless Antenna Distribution System
Mixer (6 inputs)
Mixer (10 inputs)
Mixer (16 inputs)


DI Box (Laptop, or Mp3 Player Audio)
JBL EON – 2 Powered Speakers 15”
JBL EON – 2 Powered Speakers 10’’
Bose L1 Tower W/Sub
Bose Laptop Speakers
XLR Cable (25’ 50’ 100’)
Behringer X32 Digital Mixer (Max of 32 inputs)


Flipchart w/ Standard Paper
Flipchart w/ Post-It Paper
Easel 5’ (Black)
Extension Cord
Power Strip
Powerpoint Remote w/ Laser Pointer​

Standing Podium (Black)
Table Top Podium (Wood)
Acrylic Podium
Conference Phone
Dry Erase Board 2x3
Pipe & Drape (Black, 16’ Tall, 7’-12’ Adj Section)​

Lighting Equipment

Led Par Uplight
Source 4 Fixed Spot Light
NSI Lighting Board
Matrix 4 Channel DMX Dimmer​

Fixed LED Spot
LED Light Bar Uplights
Titan DMX Console

In-room tech support also available.