Bourbon and Bites Menu
November 22

First Course:
Rabbit Confit Fall Salad
(Roasted Squash, Couscous and Fall Veggies tossed together with a Sweet, Tangy Dressing)
Horse Soldier Bourbon Whiskey


Second Course:
Maple Squash and Apple Soup
(Creamy Squash Bisque blended with Crisp Apples and finished with Maple Crème)
Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Spiced Pear Sorbet


Third Course:
Smoked Sea Bass
(Cherrywood Smoked Chilean Sea Bass, Sweet Potato Purée and Swiss Chard Onion Hash finished with Kiwi Coulis)
Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey

Fourth Course:
Chocolate Pecan Cake
(A Moist, Rich Chocolate Cake with Fudge Icing)
Barrel Strength Bourbon Whiskey