Valley Links Golf & Activities Center

Tennis Courts

Indoor Tennis Courts at French Lick Resort

Tennis is one of the most popular sports played around the world. It’s competitive, fun and great exercise for young and old alike. Whether you are prepping for the US Open or just like to volley for the fun of it, you’ll find indoor tennis courts at the Valley Links Golf Learning Center. Though we have four courts it’s always advisable to call ahead for a reservation at extension 7221. Court-time is $5 per person per hour for adults and $3 per person per hour for 18 and under.  Racquets available for rent and tennis balls are for sale in the pro shop. Time with a tennis instructor is available upon request with advanced notice. Please book courts in advance by calling extension 7221 between the hours of 9am - 7pm.  


Pickleball has arrived at French Lick Resort! Although the name sounds a bit funny, Pickleball takes ball-and-paddle sports to another level. This lively game is played on a badminton-sized court with a special paddle and small ball. The net is lower than for most such games, which allows older adults to join in on the fast-paced fun. Pickleball was invented in 1965 near Seattle, Washington and has grown immensely as Baby Boomers become older. In fact, over 2 million people play Pickleball in the US alone, and it is now a recognized sport of the National Senior Games.


Includes equipment and court rental for one hour.

Adults: $5
18 and under: $3


It’s the greats like Larry Bird, Bob Knight, Reggie Miller and the movie Hoosiers that’s made Indiana practically synonymous with basketball. You can’t think of one without thinking of the other. Half court, HORSE, pick-up games to 10 or two complete halves of back and forth, up and down the court—basketball is one of America’s greatest contributions to sports and we’ve got hoops located at the Valley Links and Golf Learning Center. Lace ‘em up and shoot some baskets alone to let off steam or bring the gang. Call for more information 7221.