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Read what people have said about French Lick Resort.
"If this space takes my breath away today, I can only imagine how it must have seemed to visitors a century ago."
- Preservation, May/June 2007
"The restoration is the last major piece of a plan to return tiny French Lick to its long-lost status as one of the Midwest’s biggest resort destinations."
- New York Times, March 2007
"It's so amazing. Everyone in the country has to go see the hotel."
- Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America, September 2007

"In the annals of American spas, French Lick Springs retains the distinction of making Indiana a Midwestern mecca for healing and hedonism."
- Spa Management Journal, January 2007
"Since reopening last year, the French Lick Resort Casino in [Orange County,] Indiana, continues to over deliver on bringing the elegance and beauty of the early 1900s into the modern day culture."
- Southern Gaming, September 2007
"To stand now in [West Baden Springs Hotel's] restored grand rotunda, or atrium, and check into one of the finely furnished rooms that overlook it is to be twice awed: by the restoration's success and by the fact that the structure was ever built to begin with."
- Chicago Tribune, June 2007