Track the Trolley

The French Lick and West Baden 1 line runs from French Lick Springs Hotel and French Lick Casino to West Baden Springs Hotel. The trolley route runs north and south between the West Baden Springs Hotel archway and the French Lick Casino. Here are some sights you will see as the trolley rolls along through French Lick and West Baden:


  • Town of French Lick and its town green (east side)
  • Pluto bottling plant, established by former French Lick Springs Hotel owner Tom Taggart where he had the world famous Pluto Water bottled (east side)
  • Springs Valley High School and the gymnasium where Larry Bird played (east side)
  • Indiana Railway Museum (east side) 
  • French Lick Resort’s Dry Hollow outdoor recreation area (west side)
  • Joe Lewis Memorial Bridge over French Lick Creek (west side)
  • Baseball field where West Baden Springs Hotel’s covered bicycle and horse track once stood (west side)
  • Town of West Baden and the historic Homestead Plaza, where former West Baden Springs Hotel owner Ed Ballard got his start in the hotel business (east side)
  • West Baden Springs Hotel arch entryway (trolley turns west/south here)
  • Former West Baden National Bank building, built in 1917 by former West Baden Springs Hotel owner Lee Sinclair (north side)