French Lick Resort Associate Shuttle

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to be in Food & Beverage to ride the associate shuttle?

No. The shuttle is available for all associates provided your shift allows you to board it in Clarksville at 7:15 a.m. and your shift has concluded by 5 p.m. for the return trip.


Is the associate shuttle only for new hires?

No. The shuttle is provided for any associate at the French Lick Resort who is able to get to a pick-up location. In addition to the Clarksville location, there is also an 8:15 a.m. pick-up in Palmyra on U.S. Highway 150.


How can I get home if my manager/supervisor asks me to stay past the return trip departure time or I am early outed?

The shuttle will wait up to 15 minutes past the time of its scheduled departure if necessary. The shuttle coordinators will work with management to keep riders at the time they are scheduled so the scheduled departure times are maintained.


How can I pay to ride?

Associates can pay through payroll deduction, cash or check. Any of these payment options can be arranged through the payroll department in the Human Resources office.


Where are the drop-off locations at the resort?

At this time, the shuttle will drop associates off at the Event Center and the West Baden Annex. The shuttle will make other stops if a rider works at another resort location.


What happens if a driver is unavailable?

The shuttle is a top priority so there will always be a driver available.


Why is there a fee to ride the shuttle?

The $5 fee is simply to recoup gas and maintenance for the shuttle.


Will there be disciplinary action if the shuttle makes me late?

Shuttle management will work with your Dayforce manager to more sure no disciplinary action is assigned if the shuttle causes you to be tardy.


Will the shuttle wait if someone is running late at a pick-up point?

The shuttle driver will wait up to 15 minutes provided the associate contacts the driver that they are running late and can make it within that 15-minute window.


If a potential new associate has a scheduled job interview at the resort, can they ride the shuttle?

Yes. The shuttle drops off at the Event Center. The Human Resources department is located on the lower level of the Event Center.