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10 Spots at French Lick Resort to Enjoy Quiet Time

Veranda at West Baden Springs Hotel

Any which way you go here at French Lick Resort, relaxation is waiting. Call it a change of pace; call it peace and quiet. Whatever it is, life seems to slow down a little bit here, and we love it that way.

But have you found some of these spots across the resort that shhhhhh factor goes to the next level? These are the spots for all you introverts, all those who cherish a little alone time, or those moments we all need to tune out from all the noise.

Quiet Time at French Lick Resort

(Oh, and this list doesn’t even include the West Baden Springs Hotel atrium, or the French Lick Springs Hotel veranda because, well, those are gimmes.)

Settle in, wind down, and explore 10 more spots where you can get away at the resort.

Quiet Time at French Lick Resort

The Hotel Mezzanine(s)

Quiet Time at French Lick ResortAt both of our historic hotels, you can’t go wrong with these quiet vibes. And these views.

Both mezzanine levels above the hotel lobbies are dotted with couches and chairs, and you’ll be virtually undisturbed here whether you’re working on your laptop or getting through a good book. On the French Lick Spring Hotel mezzanine, you’ll practically feel like you can reach out and touch the famous murals on the lobby ceiling. The West Baden Springs Hotel mezzanine also boasts two great views from one location, overlooking the lobby on one side and the atrium on the other.




Quiet Time at French Lick Resort

A Balcony Room at West Baden Springs Hotel

Nothing quite like chilling on your own private balcony, all by your lonesome. Ordering room service and dining out on the balcony takes it to the next level. Even if you splurge on it just one time in your life, the balcony feels are well, well worth the indulgence.

Quiet Time at French Lick Resort

The Gardens at French Lick Springs Hotel

Even on a busy weekend evening at the resort, this can be a surprisingly quiet spot where you won’t have much company. Stroll the gardens and don’t forget to peek your head inside the Pluto Spring House to explore. You can also find benches and a few shady spots if you want to stay a while.

Quiet Time at French Lick Resort

The Wine Room at 1875: The Steakhouse

If you’re looking to impress your sweetheart on date night, or celebrating something special, this side room in in the corner of 1875: The Steakhouse is the ideal escape.

It’s just you, your date … and some of the 75+ varietals on the restaurant’s wine list that make their temporary home here, waiting to be poured. It’s a relaxed spot to have some privacy while still experiencing some of the steakhouse’s ambiance. It’s first-come, first-served for one of these tables for two, and you can snag one by calling (866) 321-5884 to make reservations during normal hours at the steakhouse.

Quiet Time at French Lick Resort

A Mineral Bath

Obviously, spa = relaxation and tranquility. But for those times you really need seclusion, a mineral bath is the solo experience you want.

Get cozy in your bathrobes and slippers, and a spa attendant will come and escort you to your private room after your bath is drawn. You’re totally on your own the rest of the way.

Sit and soak in peace and quiet. Thirty minutes before and after your treatment, zone out in the dry sauna or sip on some orange water or hot tea in the tranquility room. Bring a book to pass the time, or simply sit in silence. Ahhhh, silence.

Quiet Time at French Lick Resort

Open Up The Stables in the Morning

There’s nothing like early mornings at The Stables at French Lick Resort.

Grab the first time slot of the day, and feel like you have the countryside all to yourself. The first horse and pony rides for the day are at 10am, and we recommend arriving early to take in the peacefulness of it all. Look out on the pasture. Naybe see the horses out in the field (they’re waking up and moving around, too). Check out the goats. Extra credit for going in the winter when the sun’s coming up and you can see puffs of breath on a chilly morning.

If you don’t drive or take the resort shuttle up to The Stables, you can hike the stables trail (about 2 miles round trip from West Baden Springs Hotel) for a tranquil wooded walk.

Quiet Time at French Lick Resort

“The Mountain Top”

AKA The Pete Dye Course at French Lick. Whether or not you’re a golfer, it’s worth coming up here to the top of Mt. Airie to drink in these 40-mile vistas. And the seclusion you feel up here. If you’re the early-riser type, take a morning walk on the cart paths – just keep an eye out for golfers as you enjoy the view.

Quiet Time at French Lick Resort

High Limits Room

Quiet Time at French Lick ResortOK, maybe a casino isn’t the first spot you’re gonna seek out for some introvert time. But some quiet moments *can* be found at French Lick Casino if you know where to look.

Take a timeout in the high limits room. You don’t have to be a high roller to chill here for a bit. Find the white couches in the back and take a breather from the noise. Order a round at the bar and have a cocktail by yourself, relax and watch some TV, or have a conversation with a friend (without having to shout). 

Quiet Time at French Lick Resort

The Pool (When You Time It Right)

If you think the hotel pool is always jam-packed, here’s something else to consider: all five resort pools and two hot tubs are open 18 hours a day, from 6am through midnight. There are plenty of hours in the day to enjoy pool time with some elbow room – particularly for you early birds. We’re entering that glorious time of year when you can get a couple hours of quality rays first thing in the morning before the crowds begin trickling in.

A side note worth mentioning: one of our two outdoor pools at French Lick Springs Hotel is designated as adult-only.

Quiet Time at French Lick Resort
Trail 3

If you’re wanting to detach for a bit – and/or seeking a solid workout – you’ll find it here, deep in the woods.

Trail 3 is 3.8 miles of wooded serenity with a heart-pumping climb and dramatic descent. You have to tackle part of Trail 2 to get to Trail 3, but the trek is worth it on this single-track trail that hikers and mountain bikers share. Do Trails 2 and 3 together on the same outing, and you’ll log about 8 miles while you get away from it all.




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