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7 Things to Know About Our New Archery Range

April 29, 2022
archer with bow drawn
Ready to hit us with your best shot? Go for it, because we’ve got a brand-new resort adventure for you to try.

We’re excited to be opening our archery range to guests starting Monday, May 2, and this is yet another way to experience the thrill of the hunt. The archery course is located up near The Stables at French Lick Resort, and it’s ready for you to take aim. Here’s 7 things to know about our new archery experience:

#1: Meet our “wildlife.”

You hear archery, you think the traditional hay bale/bull’s-eye targets. This is different. Here, you’ll be taking aim at three-dimensional, lifelike animal targets. There are 20 total, ranging from wildlife you’d see in Indiana to creatures you’d only find in Africa or Asia. Deer to Russian boars. Turkeys to black panthers. Hyena and leopard. You’ll find it all out here in our wooded and rolling hills.

fake animal archery target

#2: Archery is right alongside our sporting clays range.

So if you’re looking to double your shooting pleasure, you can make a day of it on both ranges with a little planning. Both courses are open daily from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., and you can call (812) 788-2575 to book either shooting experience. (Click here for more info on both.)

This is a great activity for everyone — families; couples looking for a new “day” date to try; even solo shooters. Groups of up to about 12 are welcome, and you can plan on about two hours to complete the archery course. (Coming soon, larger groups will be able to book our corporate “upper” course that includes more targets, new terrain and even a waterfall.)

#3: First time shooting a bow? No sweat.

Everyone’s welcome out here, beginners included. This a guided experience, and your instructor can provide as much help as you need — whether it’s a full crash course on the basics, or just a refresher session if it’s been a while since the last time you shot a bow. Trust us: everyone gets the hang of it, and with larger targets for archery versus sporting clays, that only helps your odds of sticking your target.

Various pricing levels are available, and first-time shooters would probably be best off with the option that includes an arm guard and finger tab to protect from smacks to the arm and sore fingers.

#4: Experienced marksmen welcome, too.

Feel free to bring your own bow and arrows if you have them, and save on the rental fees. (Crossbows not allowed, though.)

#5: Great for younger shooters.

While kids have to be at least 13 to shoot on our sporting clays range, archery is open to children as young as 5. This is an approximate range, as long as they have the strength to draw back the bow. If you have a little one in this range and want to be sure, just call the number above and our archery staff can advise.

man with bow drawn

#6: What to bring, what to wear?

Be sure to wear shoes or boots that you don’t mind getting a little muddy. (Just avoid sandals or open-toed shoes.) And a lot of people are comfortable in shorts during the warmer months, but you might opt for long pants to keep the bugs at bay.

We always provide bug spray, plus a cooler of ice and water. You can bring sunscreen if you’d like, but as the woods start to green up, they provide a pretty good natural barrier from the rays.

#7: Open for all seasons.

Just like the sporting clays range, the archery range will be open year-round, weather permitting. Guests sometimes forget about the shooting range once the colder weather hits, so keep this on your radar as an activity to try no matter what season you’re visiting.

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