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Bowles Mattress Co.'s West Baden Collection: Luxury for Your Own Bedroom

Bowles Mattresses in West Baden Springs Hotel
First things first: If you haven’t entered yet to win a Classic Queen Mattress from Bowles Mattress Company’s West Baden Collection … go do it now! There’s one more day to enter, with the contest ending Thursday, August 25. We’ll pick the winner Friday.
Bowles Mattresses
 Even if you’re not the big winner? You can still get the same Bowles-made bedding products featured in West Baden Springs Hotel rooms for sweet dreams in your own bedroom at home. Night after night of restful sleep might be the best prize of all.

What makes these Bowles products worthy of a bedroom upgrade? A few key things to know:


Newest Ballard & Sinclair Mattresses

“It’s like I’m floating on it.”

That feeling when you lay down, sink slightly and then hold: It’s been a common reaction from those testing the newest Ballard and Sinclair mattresses.

Bowles Mattresses in West Baden Springs Hotel

These two models are a little like West Baden Springs Hotel itself — the elite of the elite, with almost every top-of-the-line, cutting-edge material in the bedding industry all rolled into one mattress:

Quantum Edge Combi-Zone Coil System: This is good for those of you who get forced to the edge of the bed by a partner (or maybe a dog) who likes to sprawl out. And you side sleepers who drift toward the edge throughout the night. With this edge-to-edge pocketed spring system, you get the same level of support no matter what part of the mattress you’re on.

Coil counts: 4,472(!) for a Queen, 5,615(!!) for a King: These add up for a non-disruptive sleep where you won’t feel someone else’s tossing, turning, or 3 a.m. trip to the bathroom.

Active Response Foam: Just starting to take off in the industry, this blended material is soft, cool and breathable. An added bonus: all the West Baden mattresses are compatible with adjustable bed bases, too.

Which One to Pick?

If you like your mattress on the firmer side, go for the Ballard. For a softer feel, Sinclair is your pick.

Classic, Premier and Presidential

Lady on Bowles Mattress
The three original West Baden Series mattresses are also still big sellers at all of Bowles’ authorized West Baden retailers throughout Indiana and Kentucky. If you’ve stayed in one of the traditional West Baden Springs Hotel guest rooms lately, you’ve slept on the Classic. The Classic has also been the one displayed in the hotel atrium, and guests have had fun sinking into it and giving it a test lie.

The other four mattress models are used in West Baden Springs Hotel’s larger suites.


Bowles Mattress Pillows

A New Line of Pillows, Too

As with the mattresses, you’ve got options with Bowles’ new West Baden Pillow Series. They all start with biofoam for a luxurious feel and Tencel cooling material for comfort, with three options for max comfort depending on your sleeping position:

• Firm, ideal for side sleepers (which is 65% of us)
• Medium, ideal for back sleepers
• Soft, ideal for stomach sleepers

You can also find pillows for sale in the West Baden Mercantile shop on the first floor of the hotel. Here you can also find the same 820 thread-count sheets used in West Baden Springs Hotel rooms, to complete the ensemble and bring all of West Baden’s plush luxury into your own bedroom.

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