• Creepy picture of the outside of the West Baden Springs Hotel with a red-faced lady

So Cold the River

A co-production between 1804 Productions and Pigasus Pictures, So Cold The River was written and directed by Paul Shoulberg and based on the book by bestselling author Michael Koryta. An Indiana native, Koryta used West Baden and French Lick as the setting for his novel, and it came full circle when the movie version of So Cold the River was filmed on location entirely at West Baden Springs Hotel and the surrounding community. Cook Group, the parent company of West Baden Springs Hotel and French Lick Springs Hotel, also collaborated on the project when the movie was filmed in January and February of 2020.


This dark supernatural thriller follows an ex-documentary filmmaker, Erica Shaw. Having her career derailed by a fatal mistake, she is hired to make a documentary about a dying multi-millionaire from an old town in Indiana. As she starts to uncover the secret horrors of her new surroundings, she soon realizes that the subject of her investigation isn’t who he claims to be.